LA's most exclusive sex party

The most exclusive sex party in L.A. is called Snctm, a monthly party where the richest and most powerful people gather to perform all kinds of sex acts on each other.

The crowd is filled with men wearing suits, women wearing lingerie, and everyone's wearing a masquerade-style mask.

Who has to clean up all the fluids?!

Snctm is the creation of 45-year-old Damon Lawner, a divorced man with two kids.

He founded it in 2013 after spending years throwing high end parties in Bali, but now he hosts sex parties full time.

People pay him as much as $1,850 per party, and the erotic elite shell out $75,000 for the annual Dominus membership.

So who attends these things?  Lawner says its musicians, actors, successful business people:

“Some are married guys that just want to know how to give better [pleasure] … They don’t get this type of thing anywhere else."

In addition to the massive fee, Dominus members also sign a blood oath when they're initiated.  That's how exclusive this thing is.

It's no surprise that liberal elites like Gwenyth Paltrow, Brad Falchuck, and Bill Maher attend Snctm parties.

They're the kind of weird people who would go to an absurdly theatrical sex party.  

Lawner says he doesn't have sex with his employees, and they aren't allowed to engage in sex either.  He says he just likes watching.

He also says his ultimate goal is win his ex-wife back.

Elite sex parties, that's the way to do it!

Read more at the New York Post.

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