The largest IKEA in America opens next Burbank

Burbank already had a large IKEA store but next week the doors will open to the largest IKEA in the nation. It is twice the size of the old one at 456,00 square feet. They will also need to hire 150 additional staffers to maintain the large store. 

If you were worried about parking, don't, there are 1,700 spaces for customers convenience. 

The new IKEA will have similar aesthetics to the other locations but instead of the 17 room settings in the old store this one will have 50 different room settings.  

The popular restaurant in the store will have seating for 600.

There are already plans in motion to convert the old IKEA in downtown Burbank into an apartment complex with retail spaces below. 

Do you think the IKEA furniture comes (already assembled) with the new apartments? 

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