Life With Dogs

I have three dogs.  Princess Grace Kelly, Buffy and Roxy.

For the longest time, Princess, who is 9,  was the only dog in the home, and for the last several years, she's had to adjust to the fact that now there are two others living here and that one of them needs extra special care in getting around, in feeding, in pretty much everything.

Roxy is a 13 year old chiweenie.  When we got her she was 16 pounds and could barely walk.  She has since lost about 4 pounds and we're trying to lose another 2.

Buffy, is a poodle-terrier mix. We can only estimate her age, but we believe she is 19.  I met my husband here at KFI in 1993, I first met Buffy when I met his parents in 1998.  They had just recently rescued Buffy as a stray from the street, at the time the vet estimated that she was almost a year old. So that's where the number came from.

Buffy's a miracle dog, that was diagnosed with a bladder tumor over a year ago.  She has been on death's door one day, then the next day she's looking at you like 'Hey! Life is great!  I feel like jumping around!"

She's generally a pretty happy pup, but she spends most of her time lately either sleeping or wandering around pacing. She goes on regular walks and up until last week I was taking her to the common area, where the pool is, but as she was walking around out there, she tripped and fell in the pool, so no more of that!

Here's a little video I took yesterday.

You see Princess jumping in there a little jealous because I was petting Buffy.  Don't worry, I spent some time just playing with her, I try to give them each some one-on-one time.

When I say that Buffy needs extra help, I'm not kidding.  For awhile, she was only eating if I fed her, using CHOPSTICKS.

Princess, meanwhile, keeps her svelte figure with a daily bout of boxing... 

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