Cryogenics Scientist Believes Life After Death

Robert Nelson is the man who was in charge of the world’s first cryopreserved human being, James Bedford.

Cryogenics is a scientific belief that humans who are frozen very quickly after death can actually be brought back to life. Bedford is currently peacefully surrounded by liquid nitrogen in a vault.

But the man behind such an experiment is sure that Bedford will breathe once again.

Nelson’s life story and experiments have inspired the production of a film starring Paul Rudd which will depict his life, including the 1979 case where he was sued a whopping $400,00 by families of those Nelson had begun to treat but ran out of money to properly run his ice vault.

Today, there are no current laws that outlaw the process of cryogenics, which means there could be a number of cryogenic facilities all over.

In high hopes that his experiment will prevail and that his life will be shown on the big screen, Nelson believes that very soon that bringing the dead back to life will definitely be possible in the future.

Now 80, and currently residing in Oceanside, California, Robert Nelson says, "I don't believe in immortality but I do believe in greatly extended life." 

Nelson plans to also be frozen and hopefully will see the light of day far in the near future. 

See the full story on DailyMail. 

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