The White House Phone Comment Line is Down - So People Are Calling Trump's Hotels

The White House phone comment line has long been a way for average citizens to call up the White House and express their views. Unfortunately, during the transition, the comment line was shut down while the new administration figures out the computer system. 

In the meantime, people who call the line are urged to submit their comments to an online portal at the White House's website or by using Facebook Messenger. 

That's not good enough for some people though. Turns out that some citizens are calling Trump hotels to try and leave a message for our new president there. is a connects people with one of Trump's properties around the world so they can ask about issues they feel are important. Anyone who wants express their view can simply enter their number on the website. The website then calls you back with a short message that suggests issues you could talk about with the staff at Trump's hotel. 

While Trump has been known to answer calls personally - even those without a caller id - you probably won't make it much further than a front desk receptionist or voicemail. 

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