70-acres isn't enough for Dew the wandering dog

This Kentucky dog, Dew, loves to roam on his owners 70-acre farm but sometimes that is not enough. His family lets him embrace his wild-side so they outfitted him with a special collar that lets people know he's a wandering spirit. They also have him wear a GPS collar and he has a chip in his ear. 

His collar reads: My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home. 

While most people love the friendly greeting from Dew, others were concerned for his safety. His mom told BuzzFeed News, “He is very monitored,” she said. “[He] does not go far, is home every night, and does not miss a meal.” 

People from his town have grown to love their time with Dew, some ladies cook an extra hamburger patty for him and one teen gets a visit at her softball practices. 

This dog's story got national attention when Tyler Wilson, 19, came across Dew during one of his adventures. Tyler shared some pictures on twitter that got over 300,000 likes! 

You just keep doing you Dew. 

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