2 hikers injured in avalanche on Mount Baldy

MOUNT BALDY, Calif. (AP) — Two hikers have been rescued after they were caught in an avalanche and swept down Mount Baldy.

San Bernardino County rescuers plucked them from the mountain by helicopter Thursday afternoon.

KCAL-TV says the men and a friend had snow equipment and were a couple hundred feet from the 10,000-foot summit when the avalanche struck.

Twenty-seven-year-old Cody Ayala of Long Beach was hospitalized with broken ribs.

Louis Wojciechowski of Huntington Beach was released after getting stitches for a cut leg.

Wojciechowski told KCAL the rushing snow swept them in different directions and he was briefly buried.

Authorities say they slid about 1,000 feet.

Two men were airlifted and the third managed to hike out.

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