About half of California is out of the drought

The latest storms did a lot to kick the drought's ass, according to a U.S. Drought Monitor analysis released today.

No, the analysis didn't literally read "The storms kicked the drought's ass!," but it did reveal that just over 51% of the state remains in "moderate" or "extreme" drought.

Last year over 95% of California was listed as being in some form of drought.

The snow pack in the Sierra Nevada mountains is what's really important for us.  As of today, the water content held by the snowpack was about 191% of average for the day.

Despite this great news, our leaders will no doubt try to convince us that there still is a drought and preach conservation.

It's okay to conserve, but California leaders are all about controlling how you live your life.  

We say take as many showers as you want, water the lawn, and don't worry about it!

Now if only we had put our money towards new water infrastructure, instead of wasting money on a stupid train to nowhere and the delta smelt.

Read more at the LA Times.

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