Six Rules to Live By When You Discipline Your Child

Psychology Today has released a new article listing six rules “to live by when you discipline your child.”

In the article, they highlight the fact that one of the things that complicate the process of teaching kids how to behave happens when parents bring a lot of their personal baggage to the table.

Dr. Daniel Siegel says in his new book—No-Drama Discipline—that discipline is about teaching and not punishment.

The article also says that very often, when parents feel provoked or triggered by their kids, the discipline is more about letting their feelings out than actually teaching the child.

With this being said, parents will probably be much more effective at disciplining their kids if they deal with their own emotions first.

Here are some rules to live by when its time to discipline your child:

1.  Always be calm first.

2.  Think about the outcome.

3.  Connect on an emotional level.

4.  Never isolate or physically punish.

5.  Teach empathy.

6.  Lead by example… and let them be.

Visit Psychology Today to read a more detailed description of the list.

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