The Orange School District will write a check with a lot of zeroes to some students.

A lawsuit filed by Orange County students involved in a bus crash back in 2014 has been settled for ten million dollars. 

The bus crash in Anaheim Hills happened after the bus driver lost control of the vehicle in April of 2014. Five of the students suffered serious injuries after it plunged down an embankment with eleven students on board. 

Attorney Darren Aitken says one of his clients suffered brain injuries. The trial started last week, but was settled after two days of talks between the plaintiff's and school district's lawyers. 

Aitken told KFI's Jo Kwon that the school district has a responsibility to keep their students safe. "The Orange Unified School District has the legal responsibility to get its kids to and from school safely." 

Calls to the district were not returned. 

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