Deploraball Protesters Pepper-Sprayed by Police

Among the many celebrations in D.C. this week was the 'Deploraball' - a swanky party for Trump supporters that comes from a quote Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton made during a campaign stop last year. Clinton called half of Trump supporters a 'basket of deplorables.' Outrage over the quote spawned a litany of memes, as Trump supporters embraced the supposed insult. 

The anti-Trump protesters shouted down the guests dressed in tuxes and gowns as they entered the National Press Club. Some of the attendees included Pharmaceutical badboy Martin Skrelli, James O'Keefe, Roger Stone Jr, and Alex Jones. 

"They were in their long gowns and tuxes, wearing all their gold jewelry. It's not like I'm against all rich people - that ain't the point. But they're coming here tonight to celebrate Trump. And you look at all the people out here, you don't see that kind of wealth."

One Trump supporter told KFI's Kris Ankarlo about a shouting match he got into that turned violent.

"I just started getting hit with punches," he explained.

Police used pepper spray on the protesters last night after smoke devices were set off. 

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