Activists Twerk Their Way to the Vice-President Elect's House

Activists looking to try and take attention away from President-elect Trump's inauguration tomorrow, twerked their way down toward Vice-President elect Pence's house on Wednesday night.

About 200 protesters were led by motorcycles flying big rainbow flags as they danced their way through one of D.C.'s swankier neighborhoods. Madonna and Lady Gaga blared from speakers as the 'Queer Dance Party' took over the street in front of the house Pence has been renting ahead of the inauguration. 

"I'm very heartened that there's people here LGBT, non-LGBT people who are, who are really willing to walk in the middle of the street and the cold and voice their discontent with Mike Pence - excuse me, Big Daddy Mike Pence," one activist told KFI's Kris Ankarlo. 

The protest was part of the 'DisruptJ20 Movement' which seeks to take attention away from Trump's inauguration. 

As Governor of Indiana, Pence became known for his anti-LGBT policies. He signed a law that allows businesses to deny services to gay, lesbian, and transgender customers. Lawmakers amended the law after a backlash from Indiana residents over the law. Pence has also voiced opposition to the repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and same-sex marriage. 

- Kris Ankarlo reporting live in D.C. 

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