Hair Stylist to Marla Maples: "I work for a fee, not for free"

With Donald Trump's inauguration only a few days away, some of the busiest people in Washington D.C. right now are the dressmakers, hairstylists, and makeup artists who make those attending look TV-ready. 

But, one D.C. hairstylist isn't feeling so great about the opportunities being offered her. Freelance stylist Tricia Kelly told the Washington Post about a longtime client who contacted her about working on Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump's hair and makeup for the inauguration on Friday. 

However, as negotiations progressed, Kelly says she was 'stunned' when Maples' assistant asked if she and the makeup artist would be willing to work for 'exposure' through postings on Maples' social-media feeds. 

Kelly says that she declined the offer. "I was stunned. I told them... I work for a fee, not for free." 

Generally, Kelly says she doesn't usually engage with political figures as to not appear partisan and prides herself on her discretion since many of her clients are prominent Republicans and Democrats. However, she says it was their 'entitled' behavior that inspired her to share her story publicly. 

According to Kelly, after the Washington Post contacted Maples' PR representative for a comment, the freelance stylist says she received an 'ominous' message from the client who put her in touch with Maple's people. 

"You are messing with the president of the United States," adding that Maples was worried about child-support payments from the President-elect ending with Tiffany out of college. 

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