SAN FERNANDO (CNS) - Freeway closures will hopscotch around the San  Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys all week, as three separate widening  projects continue on the GoldenState (5) Freeway.

The southbound 5 was closed at midnight, and will be closed at midnight  every night through Thursday nights, at its junction with the Hollywood (170)  Freeway, Caltrans officials said. The scheduled reopening is at 4 a.m.

Southbound 5 traffic can either use surface streets in the area, or  continue south on the 170 to either the Ventura (134) or Hollywood (101)  freeways to reach the 5 Freeway.

In Santa Clarita, only one lane will be available in either direction of  the 5 Freeway starting at 9 p.m. every night this week, lasting until 5 a.m.  the next morning. Those closures will be in effect through Friday, from Lyons  Avenue to the Newhall Pass.

And in Glendale and Burbank, yet another project will mean continued  closures of offramps from the 5 between the 170 Freeway and Buena Vista Street.  Those closures vary by hours and days, but Caltrans officials said at least  every other set of entrance and exit ramps will be open at any given time.

The closures are to build additional carpool or truck lanes from  Glendale across the San Fernando Valley to Santa Clarita.

Photo Credit: Getty Images