The founder of the Pinkberry yogurt chain was convicted Friday of assault with a deadly weapon for the tire-iron beating of a homeless man along the Hollywood Freeway in 2011.

Young Lee showed no reaction as the jury's verdict was read.

He was immediately handcuffed and placed in custody at least until his sentencing in January.

Jurors also found true the enhancement Lee personally caused great bodily injury to Donald Bolding, who suffered broken bones in the attack on the Vermont Ave. offramp of the freeway.

Authorities said Lee attacked after Bolding flashed an 'inappropriate' tattoo at his car.

Prosecutor Bobby Zoumberakis said Lee's reaction was extremely violent.

"Regardless of what interaction they had, the defendant's reaction was such violence the victim didn't deserve."

Bolding's arm was split by the tire iron strikes and he has not fully recovered.

Zoumberakis says the motive for the assault appears to be damaged pride.

"I think there was a sense of entitlement felt by the defendant to the point where when he felt disrespected by someone he believed to be below him, he reacted the way he reacted."

Lee faces up to 7 years in prison. Zoumberakis says he hopes Lee has to serve every single day.

-- Eric Leonard at Criminal Courts