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MANHATTAN BEACH (CNS) - Manhattan Beach city officials began a public  education campaign today to remind residents that a strict anti-smoking law  barring people from lighting up in any public places takes effect next month.

The city already bars smoking at the beach, pier, parks, restaurants,  workplaces and some public areas. Beginning Aug. 18, the ban will be expanded,  barring smoking in all public places. The ban will also apply to electronic  cigarettes.

According to the city, smoking will be restricted to private residential  property, except those being used as a child-care or health-care facility, as  well as moving vehicles and up to 20 percent of rooms in hotels and motels that  meet certain criteria.

The ordinance technically went into effect last week, but the city has  delayed enforcement so it can conduct a public outreach campaign to spread the  word.

Mayor Amy Howorth and other officials took part in an event at the  Manhattan Beach Farmers Market to begin the Breathe Free MB campaign, which  will feature signs and public service announcements. Volunteers distributed  information to area businesses and families at the market to help begin the  campaign.

The event also marked the eight-year anniversary of the farmers market.