BELLGARDENS (CNS) - A group of local elected officials gathered in Bell  Gardens today to demand the resignation of Sen. Ron Calderon, who is under  investigation as part of a federal bribery probe.

``You need to resign,'' Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo said. ``We've  worked very hard to fix the corruption that exists in these cities, and (that)  you are continuing to remain in office is a shame to all the cities you  represent. Resign, Calderon.''

Downey Mayor Mario Guerra added, ``Senator Calderon has violated our  public trust and does not deserve to represent the people of this fine  district.''

Calderon, D-Montebello, has not been charged with a crime, and he has  denied any wrongdoing.

Al Jazeera America recently reported the contents of what it called a  sealed FBI affidavit, outlining allegations that Calderon had accepted  thousands of dollars in bribes to influence legislation. The affidavit  described a relationship between Calderon and an undercover agent posing as a  film studio executive, and alleged that Calderon accepted bribes from the agent  in return for legislative action on film tax credits, according to Al Jazeera  America.

Calderon's offices were raided by the FBI earlier this year.

Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, D-Artesia, called for Calderon's  resignation last month and was among those who organized and attended today's  news conference. Calderon has lashed out at her for ``making a mockery'' of his  presumed innocence.

In response to the latest calls for his resignation, Calderon again  accused Garcia of acting in ``an opportunistic way.''

`Without knowing the full story and waiting to hear all the facts in  this case, she has assumed the role of judge and jury by calling for my  resignation,'' Calderon said.

'`... It is now clear that she is a politician after all -- quite an  ambitious one at that,'' he said. ``I would not wish on my worst enemy what I  have been going through. but I do hope that Ms. Garcia comes to understand that  what has happened to me could happen to anyone in public office. Sometimes one  is better served to act in kindness than in self-righteousness because all  politicians live in glass houses.''

Calderon has been stripped of his legislative committee assignments in  response to the ongoing federal probe.