Credit: Jo Kwon

IRWINDALE (CNS) - Sriracha sauce will be spicing up the Irwindale City Council tonight.

Complaints about the air stinging from the seasonal mashing of peppers  near Huy Fong Food Inc.'s plant led the city to take civil action against the  sauce maker and, in November, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert O'Brien  ordered the plant to mitigate the problem.

Since then, the city has expanded its lawsuit.

``The city of Irwindale is trying to shut us down,'' Huy Fong operations executive Donna Lam said.

Lam and company founder David Tran are expected at tonight's council  meeting, during which council members will consider an effort to force the  plant's closure, something Lam called ``premature.''

Tran, an immigrant of Chinese-Vietnamese descent who started the company  in 1980, said a mitigation plan was proposed to the South Coast Air Quality  Management District late last year, but the city was refusing to waiting for an  answer.

The Irwindale plant, opened in 2010 on 23 acres, employs about 80  people.