CARSON (CNS) - Human remains found in Carson were determined to be a  foot and a calf, a coroner's lieutenant said today.

The remains were found by an employee at Saturday in a bin  that holds debris separated from sewage water at the Joint Water Pollution  Control Plant at 24501 South Figueroa St., sheriff's officials said. It is  operated by the Sanitation Districts of Los AngelesCounty.

The discovery could be an indication of a death, or not, said coroner's  Lt. Joe Bale. ``You can live without a foot and a leg or an arm. We can't  assume somebody's dead just because they are missing a foot and a calf,'' Bale  said.

The coroner's department will first put out a teletype to other coroners  in the area inquiring whether they have any bodies that are missing a calf  and a foot, he said.

Forensic scientists will analyze the bones' DNA, which will take some  time, Bale said.

If they can assemble a body and determine the cause of death they could  determine whether it was a homicide, he said.

Should a living person come forward to say they lost a leg and a calf,  ``we'll take that, too,'' Bale said.