Photo Credit: Getty Images

PALMDALE (CNS) - Sheriff's detectives warned consumers today about a  2010 Toyota Corolla that was taken at gunpoint -- along with its pink slip --  by a man posing as a buyer of the car, which was advertised for sale on  Craigslist.

``Since the suspect will not be able to register the vehicle with the  Department of Motor Vehicles, it is suspected that he intends to use the  certificate of title to sell it to an innocent party (who is) unaware of the  theft,'' according to the Sheriff's Department.

The gold, 2010 Toyota Corolla is equipped with black, 18-inch wheel  rims, and has a California license number of 6SJN245.

On Tuesday, the car's owner, who had offered it for sale on Craigslist,  was robbed of the vehicle and the certificate of title at his Palmdale home by  the armed man, according to the Sheriff's Department.

The suspect was described as Hispanic, about 25 years of age, 5 feet 8  inches tall, and weighing 200 pounds. He had brown hair, and wore glasses with  yellow frames.

Sheriff's officials warned residents to ``use extreme caution when  buying or selling vehicles through online sources,'' saying they should be  cautious about inviting ``buyers'' into their homes or carrying large sums of  money to the scene of a transaction.