Prosecutors ended their final arguments Friday in the corruption trial of former Bell executive Angela Spaccia -- asking jurors to convict her on all charges stemming from the salary scandal.

"She committed these crimes," said L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Sean Hassett.

“What they did was not just outrageous, it was criminal,” he said.

CREDIT: Court Pool. L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Sean Hassett delivers the prosecution's final argument Friday in Downtown Los Angeles.

Jurors began deliberations around 10:30 a.m. after L.A. Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy gave final instructions.

Spaccia is charged with 13 felony counts, including misappropriation of public money, conspiracy, and the hiding of public documents.

Prosecutors say she played a key role in delivering enormous, illegal salaries to herself and a handful of other city officials for years.

Her defense attorney argued it was former Bell city manager Robert Rizzo pulling all the strings, and said Spaccia can’t be guilty because she didn’t directly control the city’s money.

-- Eric Leonard at Criminal Courts