Carson Residents Tell John & Ken About Stench & Health Problems

The above tweet pretty much sums it up about the city of Carson. This place STANKS !

Residents are furious over the foul stench and breathing problems they have been experiencing for weeks. Public officials and health department hacks have no good explanation or solution to this ongoing problem.

From the LB Post:

County officials said they believe the foul odor is caused by decaying vegetation in the channel that has been emitting low levels of hydrogen sulfide, which, residents say, has caused symptoms including headaches and eye, nose or throat irritation, sneezing, dizziness, insomnia, nausea, and even vomiting.
While Carson residents have been getting the brunt of the odor, it has also reached parts of Long Beach, Torrance, Gardena, Redondo Beach and Wilmington.
The Air Quality Management District received approximately 2,000 complaints related to the release of hydrogen sulfide from residents and business owners in cities across the region, including more than 125 complaints in Long Beach—from West Long Beach to El Dorado Park—according to Richardson’s statement.
Carson resident Ana Meni, 46, led a rally outside of Carson City Hall Thursday afternoon calling on her city council members to try harder to help residents, such as having the city purchasing air purifiers to proactively give out to residents and canvassing the most impacted areas to ask if they need relocation assistance.

Listen to John & Ken talk to two angry Carson residents, Ana Meni and Monique Alvarez about the stench and how officials have no real solution to this problem.

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