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Tim Conway Jr


Woman may face jail time for giving water to thirsty pigs

You could go to jail for having empathy for a pig.
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Actress Leslie Jones' Website Hacked, Plastered with Personal Info

Leslie Jones of Ghostbusters is latest celebrity hacking victim
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Seal Escapes Killer Whale Death by Jumping in Boat (VIDEO)

When fleeing orcas, do whatever is necessary to survive.
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Chicago teacher writes rap song to welcome students

This may be the coolest teacher ever!
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Emojis Are Often Mistaken

Have you been guilty of using any of these emojis the wrong way?
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Rams Fans Fight (WARNING: Strong Language and Violence)

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Disney Patent for real life Lightsaber

Disney may have you covered to experience awesome battles with real lightsabers!
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12-Year-Old Runs Trump Campaign in Colorado

Starting off young!
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The Spy Who Loved Me with Sheena Easton

Sheena Easton is set to perform this weekend in Irvine.
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Family Dog Dies after saving baby from house fire

Precious pooch, Polo, died a hero after shielding an 8-month-old baby from a house fire. The baby is still in critical condition.
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