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Most Excited 4th Grader

4th grader Kevin was excited about the first day of school
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Elderly Couple Forced to Live Apart

The Saddest Photo Ever Taken Shows Elderly Couple Saying Agonizing Goodbye
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Homeless To Haute Event

All About The Animals CEO Laura Jones joins Mark Thompson
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Review of "WHAT YOU TALKIN’ ‘BOUT, ALLEE WILLIS?" by Mark Thompson
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Letter From Trump's Doctor

Trump would be the healthiest president ever wrote his glowing letter in 5 minutes
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Dwayne Reed - 'Welcome to the 4th Grade' (VIDEO)

New 4th grade teacher creates song to welcome his 4th grade students
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Woman may face jail time for giving water to thirsty pigs

You could go to jail for having empathy for a pig.
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Actress Leslie Jones' Website Hacked, Plastered with Personal Info

Leslie Jones of Ghostbusters is latest celebrity hacking victim
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Seal Escapes Killer Whale Death by Jumping in Boat (VIDEO)

When fleeing orcas, do whatever is necessary to survive.
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Chicago teacher writes rap song to welcome students

This may be the coolest teacher ever!
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