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Melania Trump Tries Out Speeches for RNC 2016! (parody)

Melania Trump parody from the very talented Rosemary Watson
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Alex Jones crashes The Young Turks

Alex Jones bashes The Young Turks live on set at the RNC.
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Donald Trump Mocks Ted Cruz after leaving RNC

Donald Trump makes fun of Cruz after leaving RNC.
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Beer bottles will soon have nutrition labels

Beer drinkers beware of the calorie count.
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LA Crime is up for the second year straight

Crime in Los Angeles has increased for a second year straight.
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Rest in Peace to the last VCR manufacturer.

The VCR will soon go to tech-heaven.
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Megyn Kelly criticized for her clothing at the RNC

Relax everyone, it must be hot at the RNC.
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Ivanka Trump introduces her father at the RNC

Ivanka Trump speaks at the Republican National Convention.
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Cruzin For A Bruisin

GOP Reaction to Ted Cruz's Speech
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TRENDING: Colbert's Melania Speech Spoof

Laura Benanti, Tony award-winning actress spoofs Melania Trump’s speech for the Colbert show.
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