Eliminating waste since 2001 #terracycle #gogreen by @terracycle


"Hello Mom, Dad...I'm dropping out of Princeton to go into the worm poop biz!"

Tom Szacky did just that.

Tom is the owner of TerraCycle, a company that manufactures products from your garbage.

The goal of the company is to eliminate ALL the world’s waste.  Now, that might seem impossible, but that’s not stopping Tom.

Tom was born in Hungary under a Communist regime. At age 4, he emigrated to the U.S., then to Canada with his parents.  He grew up in Toronto

He always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

At 14, he was doing web design, making five figures a year. He also developed several small ‘dot.com’ companies.

After graduating high school, he was accepted at Princeton. That was when, he says: “I knew I had to do something important.”

At Princeton, he majored in Psychology and Economics.

In 2001, Tom and his roommate, Jon Beyer started feeding cafeteria food to a bunch of earthworms. They realized that after the worms ate the food and digested it, their semi-liquid waste (aka worm poop) was a highly effective fertilizer.

So they dropped out of Princeton, maxed out their credit cards to focus on developing it full time.

They founded TerraCycle.

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