Local and network reporters were waiting for an update on Saturday about the shootings that took place in and around Santa Monica College. Santa Monica Police Department officials set the presser at 10 a.m. This is what the media setup looked like. 

The presser then got bumped to noon. Members of the media were unhappy, but it news conferences get pushed back quite a bit. Detectives sometimes have to wait for more information on a critical piece of evidence, responses from hospital officials and coroners, etc. So 20 minutes before noon this deputy chief comes out and tells everyone they have to tear down their gear and move to the bottom of a stair case some feet away.

Cables had been taped down, network trucks and camerapeople were in place, and it would have taken them more than 20 minutes to tear down and set up again.

Watch and listen to what happened.

The media did not have to move, but the presser did get pushed again. It finally happened at 1 p.m., but Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks apologized for the confusion.