Dear Steck,


When I sat down to write this blog, I thought your “Get your frickin’ act together” had beat #teamseriously. This was to be a good-bye blog. An, I-just-can’t-hang-in-the-halls-with-you-anymore blog. I felt as though we would need to take some time off from saying, “Hello!” every Friday evening. I didn’t want to compliment your stylish shirts anymore. I didn’t want to comment on how good you smell, especially after spending a day with classic radio people…


This was going to be a rather angry blog. I couldn’t understand HOW TEAM SERIOUSLY COULD HAVE LOST?! With ALL THE #$%&*& SUPPORT ON THE $%#@(*&^ TWITTER?!


However, as I sat down to write this I was alerted that #teamseriously actually won. We beat you. We beat you, Steck. #teamseriously was VICTORIOUS DAMN IT! Sorry. Look at it this way, Bippity Boopity Boo is still in it, baby! I can still call you baby, right? Good luck, Stecktastic. OH! And don’t forget to vote #teamseriously against Charlie’s winning song.


Wow. That was a lot of hashtags…but I have been spending more time with Bender.