(Photo courtesy of - Cross Colours)

Mo’Kelly is joined in studio by legendary clothiers Carl Jones and TJ Walker, founders of the seminal Hip-Hop clothing line ‘Cross Colours’, who share the story of the rise, fall and rebirth of the beloved clothing line that changed the entire fashion industry…

For those that may not remember Cross Colours…In the early 1990s, Carl Jones and TJ Walker founded an urban street wear brand that went against the drab gangbanger work wear of the time, opened the inner-city up to positivity, and introduced baggy pants to the Yo! MTV Raps generation. Embraced by the rising hip hop movement, the brand's premise "Clothing Without Prejudice" and slogans like "Educate 2 Elevate" and "Stop D Violence" made it iconic. Aptly named Cross Colours, the label skyrocketed overnight -- up to $125 million in sales the first three years-- and was draped across the backs of the biggest rappers, actors, and athletes -- Snoop Dogg, Run DMC, TLC, Will Smith, Mark Whalberg, Magic Johnson, and Shaquille O'Neal (just to name a few).  

So what happened to Cross Colours?

In light of the current resurgence of 90's fashion and music, Carl Jones and TJ Walker are picking up exactly where they left off. With the The Hundreds X Cross Colours Collection releasing in August and a new collection dropping this fall, Cross Colours will continue its mission to produce "Clothing Without Prejudice" and promote education and peace in communities across America. 

To learn more visit – crosscoloursla.com 

(Photo courtesy of Cross Colours)