(Photo courtesy of RAJ 14)

Rickie Byars Beckwith joins Mo’Kelly to introduce ‘The Rhythm & Joy Music Festival’ 2014…

The Rhythm & Joy Music Festival or RAJ 14 is all about building a community that is changing the World!


Taking place on Saturday August 30th from 10am to 8:30pm - The Rhythm And Joy Festival, RAJ `14 seeks to expand the impact of music and the arts as a catalyst for transforming our lives and our way of living.


Last year’s inaugural event at the Hummingbird Ranch redefined festival and community engagement. The RAJ 14 features the healing music of dynamic singers, musicians, and performance artists from world music, roots, soul, jazz, urban contemporary, and Rhythm & Joy music genres.


RAJ 14 is full to overflowing with eco- friendly family fun and learning. Attendees will enjoy Yoga, Dance,  Music & Art Workshops, Gourmet, Whole, Live & Vegan Foods, Wellness & Healing Oasis, Kuumba Children’s Village, Sustainable Living Marketplace, “Roll With It, Flow With It”: Amputee Apparel Swag Fashion show, Drum Circles and parades. In addition RAJ 14 is also partnering with Artists For Trauma in a 1 day celebration of community, creativity, and healing.


RAJ 14 Festival will be at the Valley Cultural Center at the beautiful Lou Bredlow Pavilion in Warner Center Park at 5800 Topanga Canyon Blvd., in Woodland Hills.

More info and VIP ticket sales visit - www.RAJFestival.com