I knew the title would get you to check out the blog.

But this isn't a 'bait and switch', this is really a blog about the bastards in the workplace.  You know them, the ones that leave their trash on your desk, spill a soda in your fridge and not clean it up, mess up your stuff or say, take your stapler.

Well, in the radio biz there are a ton of bastards that will take anything that's lying around, even if it's on someone's desk, in someone's cabinet...whatever. I've had books disappear from right off my desk, even when it has a post-it on it that says 'do not take!'

Radio people seem to forget the 'if it's not yours, don't take it!' rule.

They also forget the 'leave it the way you found it' rule which is why so many times there has been trash, food, and other things left in the studios on the tables, floors, chairs, etc.

Gary Hoffmann, Sheron Bellio and I share an office. There are 3 desks in that office, all with computers.

Now, the office is usually open all day long from 3am until 10pm at night because we all work different shifts.  

We have been SUPER nice to our office mates, letting them store lunches in our fridge, Handel purchases water, soda and snacks for our office and he's told people to grab one whenever they wanted one.

We also know there's a lot of people that work here and sometimes there aren't enough workstations, so we've let people use our computers. 

We don't mind any of that.

But we do mind when people forget basic etiquette.

We've had several instances lately where our computers have been messed up because someone with people changing our settings, printers getting jammed without someone doing some basic troubleshooting, chairs being moved around or OUT of our office, and the biggest one, our personal headphones.  

We've all purchased our own sets of headphones, in some cases we have extra pairs for our show guests.  They're in our office, usually in a cabinet in our desks that's generally not locked....and we're happy to lend them to people on occasion, that's no problem.

It is a problem when someone grabs them, without permission, and then we get them back without the adapter needed for us to plug in the next morning. Or, we get them back and they're completely busted and of no use to us.


So, I took it upon myself to post a note. Let's see if it works. BASTARDS!!!!!