A crowd of hundreds formed outside the Los Angeles Police Administration Building before marching through downtown streets  in protest against police shootings in Los Angeles and Missouri.

The rally formed in the mid-afternoon and started marching north on  Spring Street in the middle of the street about 3:15 p.m.

The crowd moved to Alameda Street outside Union Station to Chinatown and  Little Tokyo, according to Cmdr. Andy Smith of the Los Angeles Police  Department.

Typically, permits are required for protesting in the street, but  traffic was light and officers on bikes were able to close off some  intersections, he said.

``It was a very, very vocal crowd and a very angry crowd, but  peaceful,'' Smith said. ``They were respectful of private property.''

The protest was motivated by recent officer-involved shooting deaths of young black men.

On Monday, police shot and killed Ezell Ford, 25, after he allegedly  struggled with two officers in South Los Angeles.

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