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California is literally falling apart.  We drive to work on crumbling roads, water pipes burst and flood the streets, and our state can't afford to foot the bill.

Meanwhile state workers still expect their massive pensions.

The State's answer to fixing our infrastructure is to raise taxes.  But that tax money never goes to repairing anything, it just lines the pockets of government and union workers.

The pension time bomb will go off soon, and it's going to be very bad when it does.

Already local governments are cutting infrastructure costs to afford the payments.

This is just like the drought.  We've got all this rain recently, but we have no new ways to retain the water.  It's all going out to the sea.

Why don't any of our leaders know how to plan and budget for the future?

The California government has managed our money so badly.  Retired workers are getting obscene amounts of money for doing nothing, and you have to drive over pot holes everyday.

The idea that pensions are sacred is selfish and dangerous.

California public schools might lose billions of dollars because of this.


Maybe we should just break away and just sink into the Pacific already...

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