According to the Daily Breeze, a husband and wife who are educators in Hawthorne, have started a recall campaign to oust four Centinela Valley School Board members.

Gloria Ramos, Maritza Molina, Rocio Pizano and school board President Hugo Rojas all face recall for voting to give former superintendent Jose Fernandez.

Kevin Schaaf and his wife, Phuong Nguyen have started the recall and said “I was initially outraged at Mr. Fernandez, but I then realized he was only part of the problem.  The people who have the responsibility are the board members. They are the boss in the situation. They need to be the ones who are saying, ‘No, that’s not a reasonable amount of money to pay you.’ ”

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If you want to get involved and help out, get in touch with the recall organizer Kevin Schaaf at