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John and Ken


Interview with Mike Pence!

He joined the show for the beginning of the Presidential Race Desk today!
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Dr. Robert Winters on Zika in Florida

Listen to his interview with Ken on what this latest Zika news means.
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Casey's Presidential Update for 7/29/16!

Hillary's speech was kind of a dud last night.
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(7/29) The Most Line!

Get your weekly fix of Moist Line callers right here!
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Bill Clinton gets excited by balloons!

He looked like he was dozing off during the speech, but when the balloons came out he was like a 5-year-old.
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Check out some highlights from the conventions!
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Protester catches on fire trying to stomp out burning flag

There's a whole lot more mischief going on at the DNC than there was at the RNC!
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Horse Manure is spontaneously combusting in New York

Did you know manure could do that?
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Robed Pope Francis trips and falls

He popped right back up and kept on going.
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The L.A. River has poop in it

A new study from Heal the bay reveals high levels of bacteria in popular recreational zones.
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