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Eric Leonard on Skid Row spice problem

The L.A. City Council passed a motion to stop the sale of spice.
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Former OC Supervisor Chirs Norby on Santa Ana homeless issue

He's got a good idea on how to get things going to fix this problem.
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Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims on Brown and Prop 57

Jerry Brown went after her in a voicemail, but he has no idea what he's even talking about.
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Eric Leonard with the latest on Lee Baca

Baca will go to trial Dec. 6
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Rod Pyle: Discovery of Earth-like planet

It's only four light years away!
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Nationwide Search for Children Abducted After Mother’s Murder

The couple was last seen driving a 1999 Ford Expedition that could be green, silver, or gray-blue, with camouflage duct tape on the rear bumper and a stick-figure family sticker, and another...
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Police arrest Ohio man who "acted like gorilla" and masturbated on sidewalk

You think he was on spice?
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Over half of Hillary's meetings with people outside the government were with Clinton Foundation donors

While she was Secretary of State the foundation received as much as $156 million.
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Casey's Presidential Update for 8/22/16!

A new twist in the Hillary Clinton email scandal!
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Indian man has 40 knives removed from stomach

How is this guy still alive?
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