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Manuel Zapata - CA delegate for Sanders

Manuel talked about what Bernie supporters would like to see happen next.
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Sobs for Sanders

It's okay, they need time to grieve.
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Sorry, Pokémon Go is not a legal defense

But your honor, you have no idea how close I was to catching a Blastoise!
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Got cockroach milk?

It goes nice with a cup of coffee.
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Obama's half-brother is backing Trump

“I like Donald Trump because he speaks from the heart."
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Tiger drags off woman from car

Never get out of the car when there's a tiger around.
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'Fart-In' protest planned for DNC

This is shaping up to be way more interesting than the RNC.
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Producer Ray Lopez is stuck in Cleveland!

Trying to get out of Cleveland is a mess right now.
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(7/22) The Moist Line!

Get your weekly fix of Moist Line callers right here!
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Casey's Presidential Update for 7/22/16!

Trump accepts the nomination!
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