Rootin' Tootin' Putin!

"...thank you very much. No."

@johnandkenshow Full Show 7/20

@johnandkenshow Full Show 7/19

@johnandkenshow Full Show 7/18

Marginal Legal Replay

(5/12) Leo Laporte

(5/5) Leo Laporte

(4/28) Leo Laporte

(07/07) Monique Marvez Show 8-10p

(06/30) Monique Marvez Show 8-10p

@HOMEwithDean (7/15) Homily

@HOMEwithDean (7/8) Homily

33 - GO TO WORK!!!

32 - MAGIC MIKE LIVE !!!!!

30 - Love and Chinese Food

(07/14) Dark Secret Place

(07/07) Dark Secret Place

(06/30) Dark Secret Place

The Jesus Christ Show 07-08

07-01 The Jesus Christ Show

The Jesus Christ Show 6-24

(07/08) Dr. Wendy Walsh Show

(03/05) And went out on a horse..

(02/26) Coke, Syrup and Wine..

(02/19) Doughnut Sunday..

What to do about orbital junk?

All I need is a cooler..

Chris Merrill 3-12-17

Big News!

Happy Memorial Day!

The Good and the Bad..


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