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Jen & The House Whisperer

Dean Sharp, KFI's own House Whisperer, heard Saturdays 6-8am and Sundays 9-12pm joins Jen this morning with tips on how to stay safe and warm during the storm.

Be Smart

  • Don’t drive to the mountains
  • Don’t drive in heavy rain or wind
  • Don’t drive in even light snow without the proper tires or chains
  • Don’t go out in a blizzard

Deploy some Quick Dam “Sand Bags” (House Diapers) if flooding is a concern

Put on an extra layer of clothing before turning up the thermostat

If you use a space heater … point it at you!

  • Most space heaters give off infrared radiation which penetrates below your skin and is far better at heating YOU than heating the air around you.

Try not to crank up the forced air heater. The more it dries the air the harder it will have to work.

  • The easy way to make your heating energy go farther … crank up the HUMIDITY
  • We cool ourselves by sweating. When the air is dry is absorbs our sweat quickly and we feel cooler. When the air is humid it cannot accept our sweat we feel warmer.
  • Asking of 30% humidity can make a room feel 10º warmer WITHOUT ACTUALLY BEING 10º WARMER.
  • Optimal relative humidity for humans is 50%
  • Below 40% bacteria and viruses begin to thrive. This is one reason why winter is cold and flu season.
  • Above 60% over extended periods will promote mold and mildew (like near your hot steamy shower).

So … while everyone else is at the store fighting over the last space heaters, you walk casually over to the aisle with room humidifiers.

  • If you don’t buy a humidifier then boil some water on the stove and let the steam spread
  •  Shower with the bathroom door open.
  • Hold off on using the dryer and hang some damp towels out to dry.
  • Crack open the dishwasher before it finishes the drying cycle.

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