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San Bernardino Fire Department Rescues Pup From Storm Drain

Seamus has been saved!

First responders in San Bernardino County had their hands full earlier this week rescuing a 1-year-old Australian Shepherd from a storm drain.

Apparently, while on a walk with his owner, Seamus took off and got himself into quite a pickle.

His owner Emilie Brill told ABC7:

"He got away from me and just went down into this drainage and, you know, the water was going so fast, I think all it took was one paw in that water and he was gone."

Frantic, she called for help and emergency crews from the San Bernardino Fire Department showed up to try to find the pup, but they couldn't locate him right away. Then, an employee at a company nearby told them he had seen a dog and floating down the channel and into an access tube where he heard him barking frantically.

Seamus was wearing an Apple AirTag and using that, rescuers were able to find out where he was. When they opened the sewer drain, they saw a very adorable, but very excited Seamus looking up at them. They were able to haul him up and return him to his owner. Other than being a little wet and dirty, Seamus was perfectly fine.

After the rescue, Emilie told ABC7:

"I was just blown away by that level of response from our emergency services and just really grateful that there are people that understand that dogs are family members."

San Bernardino Fire said they would have loved to have Seamus as a fire station pup, but they were happy they were able to reunite him with his owner.

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