The Brentwood Defecating DoorDash Driver

The lobby of a Brentwood apartment building was defaced after a DoorDash driver left behind more than what was ordered. The driver was captured on video using the building’s lobby as a toilet, leaving feces scattered everywhere.

“I checked the tape. Well, I can’t ever unsee what I saw in that tape,” said K-EARTH radio personality Lisa Stanley, who also manages the building. “I was beyond traumatized,” she said. “I was stunned. I was everything you can ever imagine.”

The incident occurred Friday afternoon and prompted a visit from a hazmat crew. “This girl purposely got out of the elevator, saw the trash can there, didn’t even try to get on top of it in the hole,” said Stanley in a frustrated tone.

While Stanley would be understanding if the woman was sick but has trouble reasoning with the behavior otherwise. Not to mention the fact that she left it for someone else to deal with instead of cleaning up after herself.

Initial attempts to get in contact with someone at DoorDash for compensation regarding the cleanup resulted in the company offering coupons for future use of their service.

DoorDash did later provide a statement, which read: “…what’s shown in this video is absolutely unacceptable and disturbing. We’ve deactivated this Dasher and are actively working to be in touch with the building staff so we can reimburse for the cleaning costs.”

Stanley shared her response, saying, “Yes, I want the cleaning fee back of $325. I want some sort of retribution with the health department – go to DoorDash, make them do something, make them accountable.

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