Meet the Pitbull That Saved its Owner from a Shark


The Bay Area has a new hero and its a pitbull named Darby!

Darby's owner, James White was out fishing in Bodega Bay in Sonoma County, California when he felt a strong tug on his line.

As he struggled to reel in his catch, he realized it was a 6-foot shark and as he tried to pull the hook from it, the shark fell to the ground, and sank its teeth into White’s ankle.

He says the shark punctured an artery and while he yelled for help who came to his rescue?


The dog was in the car, but upon hearing his owner cry out he managed to open one of the doors and launched himself onto the shark.

With some work, Darby was able to get the shark off of White.

Read more about the ordeal HERE.

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