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Titanic Part Deux?

You didn't think Titanic had a sequel did you?

Well, passengers on the Carnival Dream were enjoying a 7-day cruise in the Caribbean, and had just left Belize, headed for Cozumel, when they suddenly found themselves thinking they just might be the stars in the epic movie's sequel.

Apparently, there was a break in the ship's fire suppression system, and this caused thousands of gallons of water to gush from ceilings and walls into the hallways of Deck 9.  

More than 50 staterooms were flooded, and affected passengers had to end up sleeping on yoga mats in the ship's spa.

One passenger, Marla DeAnn Haas posted a video up on her Facebook page, which has been viewed more than a million times

"Um....FB folks.....this is a rare moment of internet connection ....we are flooding on a cruise, we heard the violins and the silverware all came crashing down. What in the world....say a prayer for is [sic] all."

She also posted a photo of the ship's crew trying to get water out of the hallways.

The Cruise Line offered affected customers the option to leave the cruise at the next port and fly home early, along with a full refund and a 50% credit toward a future cruise. 

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