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Woman Fights Package Thieves with Kitty Litter

Tired of porch pirates, one woman may have found a way to keep their paws off her packages.

Cameo Wood says way too often package thieves would poach her goods.

"I got a thing from Amazon that says your package arrived, so I run downstairs and there's nothing there."

After her cat's medicine was stolen, Wood decided she had enough and decided to take action.

She packed up old Amazon delivery boxes with her sick cat's used litter box, sealed them up and left them on her steps for the next thief.

"I was cleaning my cat box; my cat was sick. I thought this would be really nasty to put in a package and leave for people.

I totally didn't think people would steal packages on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but they did, all six."

"I feel sort of bad these people are in a situation where they are stealing.

But I also hope they look at packages a little more circumspect and don't think we're easy pickings here."

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