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Woman Discovers Kitten She Rescued Is Actually A Fox

A cute baby kitten recently adopted by a California woman turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing, so to speak...

Playing hide and seek

Photo: Getty Images

The unidentified Rocklin resident brought home the tiny animal after finding it wandering around outdoors, police say.

But she didn't realize anything was amiss until she showed off her newfound companion to a family member.

"A concerned family member called us after seeing the scared little guy," reads a statement released by the Rocklin Police Department.

An animal control officer was sent to the woman's home and determined the "kitten" was actually a baby fox!

The animal was immediately taken from its "shocked" owner and brought to an animal retreat in Auburn, police say.

And it turns out... this incident occurred just weeks after a family in New England brought home a baby coyote, thinking it was a puppy!

Check out the full story on PEOPLE.com.

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