Dionne Warwick Joins Tim!

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Music legend, Dionne Warwick, joins Tim on the "Tim Conway Jr. Show" TONIGHT at 6:00 pm!

Dionne will be discussing her newest song with Chance the Rapper called, "Nothing is Impossible" and the new music academy she co-founded, the "Kind Music Academy".

Dionne will release her new single “Nothing’s Impossible” featuring Chance The Rapper through the label Kind Music Group on November 26th.

The song came about through Twitter. Dionne, "the Queen of Twitter", has been parodied on Saturday Night Live for her big presence on social media.

Her initial back-and-forth Tweets with Chance, questioning why “the Rapper” was in his stage name was viewed by millions.

Chance the Rapper discussed his Twitter conversation with Dionne:

“Dionne Warwick is a legendary artist. I was so humbled to learn that she even knew my name when she mentioned me on Twitter many months ago, so to have the opportunity to collaborate together has been a great honor,”

The charities being supported by the single’s release are: SocialWorks, a Chicago- based non-profit that Chance founded to empower youth through the arts, education and civic engagement and Hunger: Not Impossible and Kind Music Academy, founded by Warwick and her son Damon Elliott. Hunger Not Impossible is a text-based service connecting kids and their facilities in need with prepaid, nutritious, to-go meals from local restaurants.

“Nothing’s Impossible,” the gospel-rap tune dubbed by The LA Times as the sequel to “That’s What Friends Are For,” Warwick’s feel-good 1985 collaboration with Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder and Elton John was released as a benefit single to raise money for AIDS research.

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The "Kind Music Academy" was co-founded by Dionne and her son, Damon Elliott.

Dionne discussed the "Kind Music Academy" , she said:

“Education, clothing, food and housing are the four key components to success in life. Without one you simply cannot have the others. As a doctor of music my personal mission is and always has been to educate my babies around the world about the importance of music as not only a key form of expression, but as a tool to raise awareness and help people truly in need,”

She continued by saying:

“Kind Music Academy offers a hands-on curriculum where kids teach kids, under the guidance of my son, Damon (Elliott,) who I have personally watched grow and learn through his own experiences in this business of music, thus becoming one of the most sought after songwriters, composers, engineers and producers. Our mission is to empower the babies to learn how to not only make it in this business but to sustain a long, honest career while helping the next generation do the same. Like I always say, ‘If you can think it, you can do it!.’”

The academy offers a hands-on curriculum where kids teach kids.

Dionne joins Tim TONIGHT at 6 pm!

Dionne and her son, Damon, at an event for the "Kind Music Academy"

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