Ireland Residents Each Drink the Equivalent of 40 Bottles of Vodka per Year

The average Ireland resident drinks the equivalent of 40 bottles of vodka every year, according to a new report.

  • The excessive amount of consumed alcohol -- which also breaks down to 113 bottles of wine or 436 pints of beer -- is even worse than it sounds. According to the Health Research Board, which conducted the study, one in four Ireland residents don't drink at all -- meaning the average drinking resident actually consumes 53 bottles of vodka per year.
  • And the fact that the country's pubs and bars have been closed for the past year has put just a tiny dent in residents' drinking habits; the Health Research Board reports the amount of alcohol consumed by Irish people has dropped just 6.5 percent since the shutdown began.
  • How much alcohol does one need to consume to be considered an alcoholic?

Photo Credit: Getty Images