Florida County Could Be Flooded With Toxic Wastewater

A Florida county has ordered evacuations over concerns that 600 million gallons of toxic wastewater could end up flooding into the region.

  • On Friday, a leak was discovered in one of the retaining walls of Piney Point Reservoir, a 77-acre pond that holds wastewater from a nearby phosphate plant.
  • Workers attempted to plug the hole and pump out water to relieve the pressure, but they fear that a full breach could send a 20-foot-high wall of water crashing down into the area.
  • The water is described as "acidic as a cup of black coffee" and could have damaging environmental effects if it spills into the water supply. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency for Manatee County.
  • Who should be held responsible for this reservoir springing a leak?

Photo Credit; Getty Images