Peleton Recalls 27K Bikes For Faulty Pedals

The fitness company Peleton has recalled 27,000 of their stationary bikes after reports of faulty pedals. There has been over one hundred reports of users being injured when the pedal comes off. Reportedly over 20 people were injured and several needed medical attention.

  • Peloton said that they have voluntarily recalled pedals are the Peloton PR70P Clip-In Pedal Recall and were fitted on bikes sold between July 2013 and May 2016. 

In a blog post on their site their website

Peloton announced that their PR70P first-generation clip-in pedals are prone to axle breaks and “can break unexpectedly during use, which may result in injury.”

Peleton has been riding a surge in sales since the pandemic began and gyms closed down. We spoke with Janes Wells covered a story about the Port of Los Angeles and the shipments coming in, is a great indicator of the economy recovering. Jane said Peleton's imports (just like their stock) are going through the roof. In one day 38 standard containers filled with Peleton bikes came to the U.S throught he Port of Los Angeles.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images