Nacho Fries Are Back With An Epic Sci-Fi Film Trailer

Okay, I don't mean to sound like a potato and nacho cheese loving maniac, but to be honest - I just might be! Taco Bell has done the noble deed of bringing back the extremely limited and wildly popular nacho fries! 

However, the downside - the fries will only be available for a limited time. Serious sad face. These fries just may be more exclusive than a secret celebrity hangout ! The seasoned french fry goodness can be ordered as loaded fries in either the Supreme or Bell Grande style, or simply with a side of nacho cheese. 

This is the third time that the fast food chain is launching the nacho fries. The fries originally hit stores last year, January 2018 during a promotional season of Taco Bell testing new menu items. Nacho fries were so successful in fact, more than one-third orders included them. The second time around in July 2018 , one out of every four orders included them. Still, a pretty high return for a new item. 

The companies previous marketing paired with the fries were such a smash hit that Taco Bell has released a faux movie trailer commercial to promote. 


The apocalyptic sci-fi commercial titled "Nacho Fries: Retrieval" stars X-Men 's James Marsden , as Dr. Danny Conrad , a retired astronaut on a rescue mission to bring Nacho Fries back to Earth. 

"I think he brings the celebrity power and acting chops needed to really sell the idea," said Brett Craig , CCO of Deutsch, a Los Angeles advertising agency. 

"It's a preposterous premise, but we play it all so straight-faced and having someone like James Marsden just adds to the satire."

According to AdAge , Deutsch has gone all out with the marketing. Promotional tools include posting movie signs for Revival, running commercial spot in movie theater trailers, and sending For Your Consideration kits to media personnel. Oh yes, and an actual IMDB page with a credited cast exist. 

Check and the trailer below and welcome back Nacho Fries! 

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