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Baby, GO Outside! Parody to Baby It's Cold Outside!

Dean martin would be very upset over this, and poor Frank Loesser wrote "Baby, It's Cold Outside" in 1944 for his wife. But now, the big Christmas hit is being labeled as harassment, date rape and has been pulled from several radio stations' Christmas song rotations saying the lyrics are offensive to women.

The critics say the song is about a man coaxing a woman to stay with him despite her objections. In light of the #Metoo movement 

The "offensive" lyrics like:

“I simply must go / The answer is no,” and, “Say what’s in this drink?”

“I really can’t stay…”

“OK, you’re free to go.

“I’ve got to go away.”

“Understood. No means no.”

“This evening has been…”

“Super appropriate.”

Karen North, (a communications professor and social media expert at USC Annenberg. She’s also the great-niece of the man who produced songwriter Frank Loesser’s movies.) told FOX 11 

“It’s not even a fair interpretation if you actually read the lyrics accurately, people to this day still will drink a cocktail and sort of have the like, ‘Wow, what’s in this drink?’ It’s stronger than I thought, it’s an expression.”


We  here at the Conway show feel like people are becoming way too sensitive. Bravo to The Holderness Family that had the perfect way to respond to the critics and highlight the absurdity.

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