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Mayor Of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti

Can you believe it? 

The one and only Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti joins Tim Conway Jr. live in studio.

Mr. Garcetti and Conway discuss the typhus disease spreading in downtown Los Angeles, how the city is handling the situation, and more.

Being Mayor of Los Angeles is no easy job, and Garcetti constantly receives hate from both political parties. He explains to us how he handles the situation and what he expected before he got into office. 

Speaking of office....

Garcetti also address the rumors if he'll be running for President in 2020 with a special promise to make the announcement of if he's running or not running on OUR show. 

As well, get the latest on his opinion of the Rams/Chargers stadium being built in Inglewood and also explains what came over him when he cursed on live television during the King's Stanley Cup Championship parade. 

To hear the full interview, please listen below:

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