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L.A. Gear Is Challenging Local NFL Teams For Their Use Of "L.A."

"A history in setting trends" their website claims. But L.A. Gear, a shoe company started in 1979, is having a bit of trouble letting go of history.

They claim their use of "L.A." is trademarked, and that those who use it are infringing upon their name.

So much so, that they are currently challenging trademark uses from the "L.A. Chargers", their slogan "Fight for L.A.", as well as the "L.A. Rams" -- stating they all infringe on their trademarked "L.A." name.

“I mean, L.A. Gear I’m pretty sure has got a little bit of change,” Rams defensive end Ethan Westbrooks told the Los Angeles Times. “A little bit more than me. Tell them to come sponsor me.”

L.A. Gear actually declared bankruptcy back in 1998, but challenging other companies is something they apparently never stopped doing...

Some might remember in 2014 when L.A. Gear also challenged the Lakers’ use of “L.A.”... As well as when they went after The Clippers in 2016 for the same reason.

Each challenge, the company says the same thing, that these team names are "confusingly similar" to their own trademarks, “became famous in the minds of consumers long prior to the date of filing of Applicant’s mark.”

They even challenged "LA2024", the name of Los Angeles' Olympic bid, before they eventually landed the 2028 Games.

But every challenge (so far) has ended in an "amicable resolution," according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. They have all agreed that the teams would just remove all “footwear, basketball shoes, and basketball sneakers” from being covered by the "L.A." mark.

“They’re not going to win,” said Rams linebacker Matt Longacre said about the new challenges. “That’s ridiculous, but, hey, more power to them. People got to get their money somehow.”

Read the full story on the L.A. Times. (Think L.A. Gear will challenge them as well? Only time will tell...)

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