News Reporter Says 'Flux Capacitator' May Have Caused Plane Crash

Boston 25 News’ Kathryn Burcham was reporting LIVE from the scene of a skydiving plane crash at Massachusetts’ Cranland Airport.

  • Doing her TV stand-up in front of the hangar - Burcham reported that the pilot Jacob Haselden had told her a “defective flux capacitator” may have been responsible for the accident. 
  • Haselden, 21 and the pilot was the only person onboard the plane when it crashed.
  • He was hospitalized with minor injuries following the crash. He has since been released.



  • Me thinks Haselden  played Burcham for the fool.
  • A Back to the Future-inspired prank you see the flux capacitor—the core mechanism of Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine—was the cause of the all the problems.. 


  • Obviously the video went viral.

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